Surrogacy Escrow: Taking the Focus Off Money

One of best safeguards is hiring an escrow agent and establishing an egg donation escrow. Allison McCloskey, your California surrogacy escrow company, offers dedicated surrogacy escrow services, allowing you to focus on what really matters, preparing to bring a newborn into the world.

Benefits for Future Parents

Using surrogacy escrow services eliminates unpleasant financial conversations between you and your surrogate mother. A surrogacy or egg donation escrow makes sure all involved parties are following through with their obligations as outlined in the escrow. As a result, you and your surrogate mother can focus on the well-being and development of the child while building a positive relationship.

Benefits for Surrogate Mothers

You can rest assured knowing that through our financial agreement and trusted escrow agency, you can feel secure throughout the overall surrogacy process. Allison McCloskey Escrow Company is an expert in California surrogacy escrow, and we will make sure all involved parties are fulfilling their end of the agreement.