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Welcome to Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company!

Thank you for visiting Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company, a well trusted source for all your escrow needs. Since 1946, we have served as the middlemen for thousands of different escrows. We assist all parties coordinate every aspect of the escrow, our agents are detail oriented and committed to meeting your time sensitive deadlines. From top to bottom, we are made up of escrow specialists who will provide all involved parties unbiased assistance.

About Our President

Bill McCloskey is the acting President of Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company for 43-years. Before serving as president, Bill’s father owned and operated Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company. As a young man, Bill spent much of his time in our offices, observing the day to day operations of an escrow agent. Once in high school, Bill began working with the company through a high school work experience program. By 1972, Bill was working full time as an escrow specialist.

When Bill is not busy operating a successful Escrow Company, you will find him hanging out with his family and dogs. His other interests include the San Diego Chargers and traveling to various location. He especially enjoys working with such a great staff.

About Our Accreditations

We are a BBB Accredited business that works with our clients to reach a solution. In addition, we are also certified to assist you with your §1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. Bottom line, our escrow agents are more than qualified to execute every stage of your escrow process. Get started with your escrow today by contacting Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company, we would love to explore your options with you. We look forward to serving you!

About Our Talented Team

Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company makes it a point to only hire the most personable, talented escrow agents in the industry. While skill and experience are equally important, we are equally interested in finding escrow specialists that know how to connect with their clientele. We believe in the value of personalized customer relations, that should be evident through our diverse range of escrow services.

San Diego Branch:

Patty Calles

Title: Administrative Assistant, Exchange, and Escrow Assistant and Social Media Guru
Languages: Spanish & English
Patty Calles joined the team in 2013. Thanks to her 12 years of experience in escrow, Patty compliments our staff with her experience in refinance, reconveyance, and 1031 escrows. Patty also serves as Allison-McCloskey’s resident social media expert. In her free time, Patty enjoys long walks with her dogs, trying new foods, karaoke, dancing (ballroom in particular!), and bowling.

Claudia Garcia

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English and Spanish
Since 2002, Claudia Garcia has been a super star escrow officer for Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company. With 18 years of total experience in the escrow industry, Claudia specializes in assisting clients with bulk sales, liquor license, traditional Sale, commercial resale, and refinancing escrows. In her free time, Claudia enjoys refurbishing furniture, reading, fishing and camping.

Julie Halferty

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English
Julie joined Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company in 1998. She brings to the table a rich set of skill and experience as an escrow agent, including a firm understanding of residential & commercial escrows, refinance, hard money loans, and seller carry back transactions. In her spare time, Julie finds joy in completing DIY projects around the house, rooting for her kids’ soccer teams, watching movies and reading.

Sara Karaginides

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English
Sara brings 15 years of experience as an escrow agent to our firm. Since joining the team in 2013, Sara has assisted clients all over California in their resale, refinancing, residential and commercial escrows. When she’s not walking clients through the escrow process, Sara takes pleasure in working out, spending time with her loved ones (especially her niece!), shopping, and watching movies.

Rosella Langdon

Title: Escrow Assistant

Languages: English and Spanish
Since 2002, Rosella Langdon has proudly been an escrow assistant for Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company in the San Diego branch. The type of Escrows that she specializes in are surrogacy and egg donations. Rosella’s hobbies include Zumba, reading, dancing and cooking.

Rita Lister

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English
Since 1998, Rita Lister has been a reliable member of the staff at Allison-McCloskey. Clients that are looking for an escrow agent for their sales, refinance, or holding escrows can rely on her to get the job done. While out of the office, Rita spends her time traveling, reading and learning new recipes.

Melissa Gardella

Title: Escrow Assistant
Languages: English
Despite only being a member of Allison-McCloskey’s team for a year, Melissa Lowrey has quickly established herself as a mainstay in her role! Backed by her 12 years of experience, clients can trust Melissa’s expertise when it comes to Bulk Sales, Residential, and commercial real estate Escrows. After hours, Melissa can be found spending time with her family, shopping, hiking, singing, or organizing beach bonfires!

Holly A. Paden

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English
Despite joining the team in 2014, Holly A. Paden brings 30 years of prior experience to the table! Clients that are looking for an escrow agent for residential (Manufactured Homes in particular), commercial, assignment of contract, and double escrows, are in good hands with Holly! While she isn’t in the office, Holly enjoys singing, horseback riding, wine tasting, and taking road trips.

Alicia Ramirez

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: Spanish & English
Alicia Ramirez was brought aboard in 1993, and she has been an integral team player ever since! When you’re looking for an escrow agent who knows her way around real estate, commercial transaction, hard money loans, refinance, or for sale by owner escrows, you won’t find anybody more knowledgeable than Alicia! On her time off, you can find Alicia working out at her local gym, or rooting for her children on the diamond.

Kim Tran

Title: Escrow Assistant
Languages: Vietnamese & English
Kim Tran has been a loyal member of the Allison-McCloskey team for 9 years. Her incredible communication and deep understanding of 1031 Exchanges and holding escrows has made her a vital component to the company. While she is not in the San Diego office, Kim’s hobbies include cooking, baking and making DIY projects for various homes.

Kevin McCloskey

Title: Special Projects
Languages: English
Kevin decided to follow his father’s footsteps by joining Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company in 2011. He has been eager to learn everything he possibly can about the industry, the enthusiasm is a welcome outlook to the team! Kevin currently assists clients with their refinances. When he isn’t at our offices, Kevin likes to spend his time fishing, watching football or NASCAR, watching movies and spending time with loved ones.

Pacific Beach Branch:

Maricruz Reyes

Title: Branch Manager, Escrow Officer
Languages: Spanish & English
Maricruz Reyes has 25 years of experience under her belt as an escrow agent. Specializing in purchase, sales, refinance, and short sales escrows, you can count on her to make the escrow process straightforward and stress free. In her free time, Maricruz enjoys spending time with her family, working in her garden, and dancing.

Monique Spears

Title: Escrow Officer
Languages: English
Monique Spears has been a welcome addition to our team since 2002. When it comes to sales, refinance, new construction and residential escrows, you will be hard pressed to find a more experienced escrow agent than Monique! In her free time, Monique enjoys spending time with her child, reading, and getting out to the beach!

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