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Escrow Services From The Experts

Allison-McCloskey is an escrow agency that has successfully handled thousands of escrows over our company’s rich history. Below is a list of the different types of escrow services we provide to our customers:

Holding Escrows (Personal Property Escrows)

Holding escrows does not involve the transfer or encumbrance of real estate. A Holding Escrow is a two party agreement to hold funds or documents pending the satisfaction of condition.

Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company is a recognize escrow agency and authority in the area of Holding Escrows. We provide qualified, insured, professional and compassionate holding services for a wide array of circumstances.

A Holding Escrow is a unique service that can only be provided by a licensed, insured and bonded company with experience. With strict privacy, experience and insured requirements, Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company consistently exceeds industry standards.

Whether complex or simple, allow our seasoned professionals to guide you through the process, thus showing you why so  many turn to our expertise and reliability to get the job done.

Examples of the different types of Holding Escrows that Allison-McCloskey Escrow Company handles are as follows:


  • Vessels
  • Hangars
  • Disputes
  • Stock Sales
  • Surrogacy Funds
  • Rental Deposits or Leases
  • Holding Documents & Plans

1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange is also known as a Tax Deferred Exchange. Under the Internal Revenue Code §1031, an Exchanger may defer the gain realized by reinvesting the revenue of a property sale in a “like-kind” property. By reinvesting the proceeds, the Exchanger doesn’t have to pay a capital gains tax.

Surrogacy Escrow & Egg Donation

Surrogacy escrow services are useful as a safe practice for eliminating the stress that is associated with the financial aspect of a surrogacy process. This allows the surrogate and intended parents to focus on establishing a healthy relationship with one another.

Bulk Transfer & Transfer of Alcoholic Beverages

Selling a business is different from real estate since business are defined as personal property. The escrow process for businesses is outlined under the Bulk Sale Code in the Uniform Commercial Code of California. Allison-Mccloskey Escrow Company will walk you through each step of the bulk transfer process.